West Associates Ltd • Business Psychologists


Most agencies base their fees on a percentage of total salary plus any other bonuses or commissions and an additional amount for a company car plus postage and handling charges on advertising and candidate expenses. We feel this is excessive and are prepared, in most cases, to base our fee on 20% of starting salary and include psychometric testing or the design and management of an assessment centre within our fees.


Our eight steps to finding the right candidate:-

  1. Competency Analysis
    We have the expertise to help you formulate a precise profile of the necessary skills, abilities, attitudes and motivation required by the successful candidate.

  2. Advertising Copy
    Psychologists have extensively studied the fundamentals of advertising and we use our skills and experience to advise you how to attract the best candidates through the most cost-effective advertising.

  3. Telephone Screening
    We use telephone screening extensively in order to identify the best candidates as soon as possible and fast track' them onto the selection process.

  4. Reply Handling and Recruitment Administration
    As your 'ambassadors' we take particular care to maintain your good name through courteous and prompt action.

  5. In Depth Interviewing
    As Chartered Psychologists we have spent years perfecting our interviewing technique and will provide you with comprehensive written reports on up to six candidates giving our professional opinion of their ability to successfully deliver in the job.

  6. Psychometric Testing
    Drawing on both our HR experience and our skills in psychometrics, we will interpret test data from a business perspective rather than an academic one.

  7. Assessment Centre Design
    This process is rigorous, highly effective and endorsed by managers who can see for themselves how candidates perform on realistic exercises rather than relying on interviews alone.

  8. Reference Checking
    Finally, we carry out reference checks by phone with the candidates previous managers, carefully probing into their background and performance in order to give you the greatest confidence in your selection decision. No other kind of reference check will satisfy us.