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Senior Management Coaching

The creative involvement of each individual is critical to the success of organisations in our modern, fast changing and competitive world. Strategically focused coaching addresses the critical issues of how individuals and groups handle change and workplace dynamics in a constructive and productive way.

Coaching for Performance : -

  1. Enables individuals to understand their personality, motivation, strengths and weaknesses through in-depth interviewing and psychometric testing, where appropriate.

  2. Helps individuals identify goals which are aligned both to the strategic requirements of the organisation and the abilities and needs of the individual.

  3. Gives individuals the necessary insight, skills and support to achieve their personal and organisational goals.

Most management change programmes fail because they try to impose standard 'off the shelf' solutions on all employees regardless of their individual differences. Our performance coaching programmes are individually tailored to help employees develop their own unique solutions for enhancing their effectiveness whilst maintaining their alignment to organisational goals.

Since we are chartered psychologists with considerable senior management experience, we use our insight and judgment to give practical and expert guidance.


Benefits of using strategically focussed coaching usually include:

  • Better alignment of personal and professional goals.

  • More open communication.

  • Increased morale at all levels of the organisation.

  • Increased employee productivity.

  • Reduced employee turnover.

We have experience of coaching and mentoring a wide range of individuals up to board level in the Europe, Africa and Russia.

Coaching is a results driven business tool which we offer to clients on a project or retained basis.