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We have 20 years' assessment centre design experience advising some of the world's most demanding companies including: American Express, BAT, Debenhams, Johnson Wax, NAAFI and Saatchi & Saatchi.

We pioneered the assessment centre programme for BAT which was recently evaluated by the Henley Management College and found to have high predictive validity (.56) - the only published evidence of a long-term validation study in a major British company.

Since we have been senior HR managers in our own right, the assessment centres we design are not only psychologically rigorous but also practical and user friendly. The feedback we get from the participants is invariably positive and this helps create a good image for the potential employer.

Benefits you can expect from our well designed assessment centres include:-

Better Candidates
Research evidence shows that a professionally designed and managed assessment centre has a higher predictive validity than any other available selection instrument.

Reduced Management Time and Lower Costs
Paradoxically, total management time involved in 'traditional' recruitment where candidates may have several interviews can often be far greater than in an assessment centre where managers and candidates meet just for one or two days.

Quicker and More Confident Selection Decisions
Line managers selection decisions are made more quickly and with greater confidence in an assessment centre.

Enhanced Team Selection
Assessment centres have distinct advantages when selecting teams. Candidates can be seen working together which makes it easier to assess the most complementary mix of personalities and skills.

New Skills for Senior Managers
Many senior managers find, for the first time, that they must learn to discard cherished stereotypes and rely totally on objective evidence from which to draw inferences about candidates' competencies.